Element Gusto Pods
Nasty Slow Blow 10mg
Dr Frost Grape Ice 10mg
Dr Frost Grape Ice 20mg
Dr Frost Honeydew Blackcurrant 10mg
Dr Frost Honeydew Blackcurrant 20mg
Sub Ohm Fizzy Cush 10mg
Sub Ohm Fizzy Cush 20mg
FAR Neon Green Slushie 10mg
Frost 10mg
Frost 20mg
Vampire Vape Heisenberg 10mg
Vampire Vape Heisenberg 20mg
Quiet Owl Caramel Crunch 10mg
Quiet Owl Caramel Crunch 20mg
Peak Fuji 10mg
Peak Fuji 20mg
Vampire Vape Pinkman 10mg
Vampire Vape Pinkman 20mg
Purp Grape 10mg
Purp Grape 20mg
Nasty Slow Blow 20mg
Sour Apple Refresher 10mg
Sour Apple Refresher 20mg
Strawberry Whip 10mg
Strawberry Whip 20mg
Honey Roasted Tobacco 20mg
Watermelon Chill 20mg

NS Pods for Aspire Gusto Mini - by Element

Regular price R 120.00 R 99.00 Sale

Designed in collaboration with Element E-Liquid, the Aspire Gusto Mini Pod is a revolutionary all-in-one (AIO), closed system setup. The Aspire Gusto Mini is among the top closed system pod mods available on the market today, and combined with Element's revolutionary nicotine salts, these pods deliver the ultimate smoking satisfaction. 

MASSIVE DISCOUNT on checkout when purchasing 10 pods or more.

Included in each purchase: 1 Pod.

(Exception: Watermelon Chill 3 pod pack x 2ml)

Note: Usage will determine how long each pod lasts. 

Vape Republic (Pty) Ltd is the sole distributor of NS20 and NS10 Pods by Element eLiquids in South Africa.

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